we are all made of stars

Associate Scenographer / Maker

Design and fabrication for we are all made of stars performance by johnsmith. Scaleup of an intimate gallery performance to a bigger show at the Town Hall of SPILL Festival of Performance.

johnsmith is a whatever being. Channelling mountains, stars, slime mould and bacteria, john gets into drag as Mother Earth and tries on bodies from the cellular to the cosmic. Submerged in a tide of images of ‘science’ and ‘nature’, johnsmith howls: ‘who am I?!’ and ‘can I make a change?’. Lip sync, live stream projection and sound are brought together to grapple with some overwhelming questions on a microscopic scale.

Credits / Actants by johnsmith:
Anna Smith, blue food dye, carpet tape, cork, electricity, feathers, foam, Francine Perry, glucose, heart sensor, invisible thread, johnsmith, lichen, Lisa Savini, LR44 batteries, Mary Osborn, medical glue, microphones, mirror, moss, pond liner, projector, Rob Pell-Walpole, soil, speakers, Tim Spooner, Tom Cassani, uv dye, Vivianna Chiotini, water.

Supported by Arts Council England

Creative writing on the show

Documentation: Vivianna Chiotini

Nunnery Gallery, London &
SPILL National Platform, Ipswich Town Hall,
Ipswich 2016