lia haraki



Architect / Scenographer

The Performance Shop is a pop-up shop offering a variety of available performances of diverse styles, genres and themes, giving viewers/passers-by the opportunity to choose, watch or participate in one or more of the available works. The project seeks to bring art closer to people within the wider context of society and everyday life. It is conceived by dance and performance artist Lia Haraki.

The Performance Shop - Athens was commissioned by Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2018 - Opening to The City section. It was based on the transformation of a disused three-floor shop into a vibrant, safe and adaptable performance space.
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Athens and Epidaurus Festival
and The Performance Shop

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Video (with english subtitles)

Documentation: Vivianna Chiotini
Last two images by photographer Manos Garyfallou

Athens and Epidaurus Festival,
Athens 2018