architectural experiments

academic drawings and models of various scales and contexts

ENSAPLV, Paris 2009-2013

Design of a Nautical Centre located in the Canal de l’Ourcq in Paris. Inspired by the form of Nautilus, an archetypical water symbol and also of perfection and beauty, this light and dismountable building was conceived.

Conception and design of a collective housing building in Beauvais, France. The programme includes 36 housings, a workshop, a library, a flower shop and a pub. The group is composed by two concrete bodies, connected by a bridge.

Conception and design of a passive house located in a french park. Designed in order to respond to the rigorous Passivhaus standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint.

Architectural analysis followed by the construction model of an apartment block with a pleated facade located in Place de la Bastille in Paris, by Studio [BP] Architectures. On the ground floor, a gallery is screened behind zig-zagging concrete columns.

‘Vibratory art house’ experiment: Sauntering in a group with the eyes closed led to a place where one felt most comfortable and created a spontaneous and free drawing, composed of simple geometrical forms. This formed the basis for a drawing, which was reworked on a larger scale and was considered as a potential grid for a speculative plan of a house.

‘Architectural amulets’: Little spontaneous creations made mostly out of balsa wood. An amulet can be any object but its most important characteristic is its alleged power protect its owner from danger or harm.

Freehand drawings in the city: interior views of St.Sulpice church and Cité de la Musique (charcoal), exterior views of Place de la Concorde and Panthéon temple (pencil)