The Future Utopias Imaginarium is a shifting performance space created for Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2019. Based on a prescribed grid which partitions the stage, the process is an interplay between the physical space and its board/map. The audience is invited to reflect on the notion of utopia, whilst inhabiting and transforming the space, exploring the potentialities of the objects therein with the gestures and performances that these incite. 

The project was developed collectively, through workshops with nine early-career practitioners and students selected by the Society of British Theatre Designers and Performance Education Collective to represent the UK. During the two-week run of the exhibition, the installation was open to an international public of all ages.
Creative team: Rhis Binnington, Scott Castnett, Vivianna Chiotini, May Davies, Abi McDermott, Yifat Shir-Moscovitz, Conor Smart, Jordan Smith, Kathryn Weaving
Curators: Andreas Skourtis, Fiona Watt
Location: Industrial Palace, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: June 2019

︎More information and all credits: Staging Places