Poi:son is an exploration of the emotional, physical and neurobiological effects on children, of growing up with parents who have alcohol or substance addictions.
Told through audio, text, film and live performance, this immersive installation has been developed in collaboration with young people with lived experience of the themes and drawing on up to date scientific research. A number of interviews of ACOA’s (Adult Children of Alcoholics) has also influenced the design of the show, which focuses on notions of cyclical trauma, hidden harm, fragility and resilience.

Company: Effervescent Social Alchemy
Creative Direction: Eloise Malone
Young curators: Amber, Brad, Chanel, Charlie, Chloe, Declan, Jasmine and Madi
Scenography: Vivianna Chiotini
Light design: Nico Bray
Text: Clare Howdle
Sound production: Phil Innes

Special thanks to blacksmith Dominic Marcellus Temple.

Location: Radiant Gallery, Plymouth, UK
Date: April/May 2018