TRAP is a psycho-geographical game, created in order to respond to the following research topic:

How to map agency in Canary Wharf and how can performance alter agency?

Canary Wharf area in London is owned and operated by CW Group plc, a multiple investment corporation. It is, in a way, like a large-scale shopping mall or a gated community: profit-driven and managed by high security. That given, is it possible to map agency within the district?
The process included photographing a number of passers-by holding a piece of paper describing how the area made them feel. A man who wrote ‘trapped’ and refused to show his face on camera became key in the research and influenced the design of the game. Inspired by chess, Monopoly and Guy Debord, TRAP underlines one topos, the claustrophobic trap, and turns Canary Wharf into a playground and a stage. The board is a revisit of the map of the area; its missions and script challenge the rules of the place.

Produced and performed alongside Natalia Biglou, Claire French and Isabel Formica Jakob.
Location: Canary Wharf, London, UK
Date: 2014