Speculative perceptual experience inspired by Ill Seen Ill Said / Mal Vu Mal Dit by Samuel Beckett

‘‘Already all confusion. Things and imaginings. As of always.’’ [Déjà tout s’emmêle. Choses et chimères. Comme de tout temps.]

The novel is based on a reconfiguration of the conventional idea of time and space. The character ‘‘She’’ is an unnamed old woman who lives alone in a stark, unspecified rural area at an indeterminate time.
Out of the text’s complete obscurity, a number of objects emerge: common things of everyday life appear like luminescent particles, shaping and defining the space around them. 
The process included filming anonymous passers-by in the park and superimposing selected moments; visualising an imaginative space where time is altered. ︎ video

The first artefact is based on the hybridisation of a specific object mentioned in the text (a balloon) and the film, which appears as a layer of space. ︎ video

‘‘Here a great leap into what brief future remains and summary puncture of that puny balloon.’’ [Ici un grand saut dans le peu qui reste d’avenir afin que sans plus tarder se dégonfle ce ballonnet.]

The project was based on a reversion of this effect, introducing the balloon as a projection in a park, transferred in the Dorfman Hub at the Roundhouse. Here, the balloon constitutes the only light in the room and the sound of it inflating and deflating fills the space, thus creating a scenographic orchestration of light and sound. Mirrors all around the circular space contribute to an immersive experience in a repetitive natural environment, where breath is linked with light. ︎ video

MA Scenography exhibition
Location: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK
Date: June 2014